Throwback Thursday: Pastelaria Suiça

Ladies and gentlemen, let’s continue our throwback Thursday series in Portugal. I want to take you to theeeeee spot in Lisbon, Portugal – Pastelaria Suiça. You can’t say you have been to Lisbon if you haven’t been to Rossio. If in Rossio, you must try the Pastelaria Suiça.

This is the place where people stop for a quick snack, ice cream, or lunch. We stopped for a quick snack, and this was the place where I tried the famous tosta mista. Tosta mista is just a ham and cheese sandwich, but it is toasted, and it also has butter. This was my favorite thing in Portugal.

It was so delicious! I had the tosta mista, my sister and mom had the pão de deus with ham. Pão de deus, or God’s bread, is sweet bread, like Hawaiian bread, but with coconut crust on top. Almost like a coconut macaroon on top of it. We had Compal juice. That’s like a concentrated peach or pear, or mango juice. It was so good! So, Pastelaria Suiça gets 3.5 starts.

The Kritic Says:

  • 3.5 Starts
    • Service was slow. We had to wait long for our food
    • Food was delicious
    • Prices were affordable
    • No activities for kids
    • The place looked cleaned