In No Brazilian House

Hello ladies and gents,

For my Mom’s birthday we went to Rodizio Grill located at 4243 Ambassador Caffery Pkwy #101, Lafayette, LA 70508. The place is like a meat buffet, with a salad section and desserts. There is a wooden block with a green and red part; to keep the meet coming turn the green part up, to stop it turn the red part up. The decoration and the atmosphere of the place looked good, but the service and the taste of the food compared to real Brazilian food was disappointing. The foamy lemonade didn’t taste good, mom’s drink, she said tasted horribly too. My sister spilled her lemonade and it got the table and the floor wet, but they didn’t clean it, we had to eat dessert with everything wet. After visiting Brazilian restaurants like Fogo de Chão and Chama Gaúcha, Rodizio Grill didn’t offer the typical Brazilian taste, not even the black beans, the farofa, or the fried plantain. For this reason they get 2.5 starts and that’s that ladies and gents, have a great day and Rodizio please don’t barbecue me.

  • The Kritic says:
    • 2 ½ starts
    • The food is good, but not truly typical Brazilian food.
    • Our server was great, but there was nothing for kids, no activity or a way for us to feel welcomed.
    • The decoration of the place was nice, but no Brazilians at the place and the birthday song with English accent didn’t sound too good.
    • Mom didn’t talk about the prices, but she was very disappointed she went there for her birthday.