Hawaiian Taste in Lafayette

Hello ladies and gentlemen hope you are having a great day. I have gone to a very intriguing place called Poké Geaux. It is located at 2668 Johnston St Suite C4, Lafayette, LA 70503.

When I walked in they had many things. It was very clean. They had three things to chose from, a poké bowl, poké roll, and a poké salad. I got a poké roll. They set it up by having a green thing and then putting seaweed on top of and then adding what you like. I picked my ingredients. I got tofu, fried shrimp, edamame, cream cheese (which I don’t recommend because its kind of heavy but do you), sushi rice, hot mayo sauce, and rice puffs. He then got the green thing and rolled it to make it like a burrito, like a sushi burrito. Mom got the bowl and she selected the ingredients also.

The employees were very nice. When I sat down I took a big bite. The seaweed gave it a crunchy flavor and so did the rice puffs and the shrimp. The edamame was also good, but not as much. I give Poké Geaux a 4.5 guys, it was outstanding.

That’s that ladies and gentlemen hope you you have a great day.

The Kritic Says:

  • 4.5 Starts
    • The place was very clean. The decoration was simple and nice.
    • The food was fresh and tasted delicious.
    • Service was fast.
    • The prices were okay.
    • No activities for kids.