Blazing Pizza

Hello ladies and gentlemen hope you are having a great day. All my friends have been talking about Blaze Pizza, so I finally went during my school break. It was kind of like Pizza Artista but with less choices. So I got a one topping pizza. I got pepperoni. The service was quick and the pizza was ready very fast, well I mean it was on a 530 Fahrenheit oven.

It was good and I ate a lot, although I couldn’t stand that the pizza was a bit burn, they had no straws, and the lemonade was horrible.

But overall I gave blaze pizza a 3.5. Have a great day ladies and gents.

The Kritic says:

  • 3.5 Starts
    • The place was nice and clean
    • The food tasted great
    • The prices were good
    • I didn’t see any activities for kids like Pizza Artista has.



Pizza Is Art

Hello ladies and gentlemen, today I went to Pizza Artista and it is a great place. It’s located at 5904 Johnston Street, Lafayette, LA – 70503. It’s very clean and fun. I got a cheese pizza with cheddar and feta cheese. My sister got pepperoni pizza and mom got some weird pizza with no tomato sauce, just olive oil, corn, with carrots (who in that world puts carrots in their pizza?! My mommy I tell you) and a bit of chicken. Guess what? You create your pizza. Not with your hands, but you can tell them exactly what you want and see them prepare it right there in front of you. Also, you don’t have to go to a restroom to wash your hands, they have a machine where you can wash your hands. They are very nice so leave them a comment, its right by the corner where you get the crayons and coloring paper. That helps them improve or know they are doing a great job. That’s that ladies and gents, have a great day.

The Kritic Says:

  • 5 Starts
    • The food was delicious and fresh
    • The service was great, they are all very nice
    • The prices were good
    • The place was very clean and had a lot of things for kids to do