St. Joseph’s Diner

Hello ladies and gents,

Hope you are having a great day, if you are not, I have a great way for you to make it better. How? By helping others. I normally go to St. Joseph’s Diner on 613 W Simcoe St, Lafayette, LA 70501, and I want to tell you all about it. I go there once or twice a month. But I don’t go there to eat, I go there to serve food for the homeless. Don’t get me wrong, the food that chef Dorothy and Chef Amilcar cook is great, after you serve, if there is enough food left over, you get to eat also, and it is delicious sometimes.

When we go there, we help serve, and even cook. I already got to help cook eggs. We normally go during the breakfast time because it’s less busy, but you can go help during the lunchtime and also for the dinner time. The people are very thankful and happy to see us. I like that after a while I stop seeing some people, so that means they are no longer homeless.

When we finish serving, we clean the tables, wash dishes, and sometimes we even clean the floor. I like to go there and I’m sure you will like to go there also. Anyone can volunteer, check this link for availability. You can also donate food or donate money Please do help when you can and that’s that ladies and gentlemen have a great day.


Taco Festival

Hello ladies and gents, hope you are having a great day. I’m going to keep this short. So I’m judging the Taco Festival this Saturday, October 28, 2017 from 12pm to 6pm at the Horse Farm (that’s on Johnston street, across from Mel’s Diner).

I just wanted to tell you so you can come and enjoy yourself and of course see me. If you want more information go to The Taco Festival and that’s that ladies and gents, bye.

Check out this video my friend Ba in Adventure did for me for the Festival. I hope you like it.


In No Brazilian House

Hello ladies and gents,

For my Mom’s birthday we went to Rodizio Grill located at 4243 Ambassador Caffery Pkwy #101, Lafayette, LA 70508. The place is like a meat buffet, with a salad section and desserts. There is a wooden block with a green and red part; to keep the meet coming turn the green part up, to stop it turn the red part up. The decoration and the atmosphere of the place looked good, but the service and the taste of the food compared to real Brazilian food was disappointing. The foamy lemonade didn’t taste good, mom’s drink, she said tasted horribly too. My sister spilled her lemonade and it got the table and the floor wet, but they didn’t clean it, we had to eat dessert with everything wet. After visiting Brazilian restaurants like Fogo de Chão and Chama Gaúcha, Rodizio Grill didn’t offer the typical Brazilian taste, not even the black beans, the farofa, or the fried plantain. For this reason they get 2.5 starts and that’s that ladies and gents, have a great day and Rodizio please don’t barbecue me.

  • The Kritic says:
    • 2 ½ starts
    • The food is good, but not truly typical Brazilian food.
    • Our server was great, but there was nothing for kids, no activity or a way for us to feel welcomed.
    • The decoration of the place was nice, but no Brazilians at the place and the birthday song with English accent didn’t sound too good.
    • Mom didn’t talk about the prices, but she was very disappointed she went there for her birthday.



Dragos, Lafayette’s Seafood Home

Hello ladies and gents,

Long time no read. I am all caught up and ready to start letting you know where I’ve been, seen, and what I’ve tasted. Let’s start with the new spot in Lafayette, Louisiana. Located at 3151 Johnston Street, Dragos blindsides you from the outside and the inside. I was amazed at how clean, quick, and fun this place was. I ordered a lemonade, Lobster Mac & Cheese, and Fried Gator Bites. It was my first time tasting alligator and it was delicious; tasted like chicken, but a little bit thicker. Mom had Lobster Marco, and my sister had Chicken Tenders with Fries. They are the kings of seafood, but guess what? If you don’t feel like eating seafood, they also have Red Beans and Rice, Jambalaya, and other meat dishes. For their excellent service, tasty variety of food, and different atmosphere, I give Dragos 4.5 starts. The food was expensive but you got to pay for good food and that’s that ladies and gents have a great day.

  • The Kritic says:
    • 4 ½ starts
    • Incredible food and service.
    • Kids are welcome but no kids coloring sheet; but, the kid’s menu is great.
    • The place is very clean and the atmosphere is nice.
    • The prices are high, but much worthy.



Back to Patacón

Ladies and gentlemen, I went back to Patacón, in matter a fact, I have been going to Patacón. It stays on 308 Betrand Drive, Lafayette, LA -70506 and I want to increase their ratings from three starts to four starts. The service was great, we did not wait long and the food was less greasy. But more important, the juice machine was working and it was refreshing to drink freshly squeezed sweet orange juice. They still didn’t have things for kids, and the guy there told mommy that since it’s fast food they don’t have things for kids, but I was thinking that even McDonalds that is faster has things for kids, they could also have something for kids. But the juice and my tequeños were so delicious that I forgot about activities to entertain my sister and enjoyed my food.

Because of the juice, new menu, food and service improvement, Patacón in my book is now four starts.


Not Chillin at Chillis

Location, Location! Last time we went to Chilli’s it was the location on Pinhook, and I gave them 5 starts, but this time we went to the location on Ambassador Caffery and it was not like the one on Pinhook. The service was horrible, the food and the overall restaurant wasn’t as fun as the one on Pinhook. So I’m taking two starts away, one for the service, one for the overall atmosphere.

  • The Kritic Says:
    • 3 Starts
    • The food tasted good
    • The service was horrible, we waited very long, the waitress wasn’t happy, and did not check on our table.
    • The prices were good
    • The place was clean and had entertainment for kids

Food Garden

Hello ladies and gentlemen, I hope you are having a great day. So, I went to Olive Garden on 5743 Johnston Street, Lafayette, LA – 70503. Let’s start by saying that when you get there the smell makes you think that everybody took their shoes off, but it’s okay, is just the cheese, and I love cheese! So I ordered cheese pizza and mozzarella sticks, but kids can create their own spaghetti and order other things. My mom ordered calamari, chicken alfredo, which came with delicious bread and salad, and then as dessert tiramisu. If you read my Chillin at Chilli’s, Olive Garden has the same ipads with games that can entertain kids, they also give you coloring sheets and crayons. The only thing I didn’t like is that although the restaurant wasn’t full, the service was horrible. The lady at our table brought us food but no utensils, we had to wait long to start eating our food, with our food in front of us. They also had a fly inside the restaurant, I’m glad it didn’t touch our food.

The Kritic says:

  • 2 1/2 Starts
    • The food tasted and look very good
    • Service was not good
    • They had a fly inside the restaurant and that’s not good
    • They had entertainment for kids but it was cold in there
    • Mommy didn’t complain about the price and she gave the waiter a good tip, but we won’t go there again for sure