Acadiana Po-Boy Festival

Hello ladies and gentlemen hope you are having a great day. Do you know what event is going on tomorrow? Something fun, something cool, something that you can’t miss. Do you know what? The Acadiana Po-Boy Festival. It will take place downtown, in Parc Sans Souci, that’s in 201 E. Vermilion Street, Lafayette, LA 70501.

Last year I got to judge this event and it was a blast. Here are some pictures but also my five reasons why you should go to the Acadiana Po-Boy Festival.

  1. It is free!!!!! The po-boys cost money, but you can go check it out for free.
  2. Po-boys are a must when you visit Louisiana, now imagine having more than one po-boy to taste?
  3. The variety of po-boys is huge, and they all taste so good.
  4. They will have music and is good to have music while you play.
  5. This event is for the family. Kids get to jump and have fun with their family.

That’s that ladies and gents. Make sure to check it out and try not to eat as many po-boys like I did last year.