It’s That Season Yet? 🦞

Hello ladies and gentlemen hope you are having a great day. By the title you can tell what probably this post is going to be about. Yep, crawfish season. I’m ready. Is it season already? Today I’m going to give you another throwback of when I went to a place with a drive thru called The Crawfish Spot. Is is located at 1899 W Pinhook Rd, Lafayette, LA 70508.

It was small but I did like the paintings. I got spicy crawfish and seven pound of it. I like how the bibs had pockets so if it falls you can still eat it. The seasoning was fine. But I like the dip the most which was only 75 cents. I gave crawfish spot a 4.0 starts and I’m ready to go back.  That’s that ladies and gentlemen go get yourself some crawfish and have a great day.

The Kritic says:

  • 4 Starts
    • The spot is small but is very cozy
    • The food is delicious
    • The prices are high, but that’s the expected with crawfish
    • If you don’t like crawfish they have other options
    • They clean the place and pick up your tray very quickly



It Is Crawfish Time Baby!

Hello guys!

I’m back with a new place. I went to Crawfish Time on 320 Ridge Road, Lafayette, LA 70506 and if you are from Lafayette, Louisiana, crawfish is nothing new for you. But if you are not, like mommy’s two new friends, crawfish is something you must try. Even if you don’t like it, you must at least try it once.

So, when you get there, you order your drink and you must tell them how many pounds of crawfish you want. Also, you can choose if you want it spicy or not. They have kids meals and shrimp, corn, mushroom, potatoes, but you must try crawfish, unless you are allergic to seafood, then don’t. You can make your own crawfish sauce by mixing mayo, ketchup, and garlic sauce, it’s delicious and my ratings is four starts and that’s that ladies and gentlemen.

P.S. The cool part is that you can get a bib and gloves, that was funny.

The Kritic Says:

  • 4 starts
    • The food looks great and tastes even better, you just have to know the secret about pealing crawfish.
    • The service is a bit slow when they are very busy.
    • Prices are high, but that’s because crawfish has a season
    • Even with all the crawfish small and shell, the place is clean and looks nice.