American Road Trip: The Competition

Hello ladies and gentlemen,

I hope you are having a great day. Today was my last day taking the cooking classes at Sur la Table. It was also the day I competed. I was very nervous, but the new Chef, Chef Nick, made all of us have fun and feel relaxed. For four days Chef Jasmine was the one teaching us. But anyways, cleanness first, so we all got there and got our aprons and washed our hands. We then checked the ingredients. We couldn’t have recipes and we didn’t know our teams or the secret ingredient.


We then had to pull numbers and few people were missing but we ended up with two teams. Boys vs. Girls. Everybody on team one, got ground beef as protein, and everybody on team two got chicken as protein. We had ten minutes to discuss, decide what we were going to cook, and then get pots and all the material we needed. We decided to make the sliders and whoopie pies. The girls decided to make BBQ chicken with Alabama sauce and berry crostata.


Chef Nick then came and told us that we were being judged on five things: teamwork, station cleanness, taste, presentation, and how we used the secret ingredient. The secret ingredient was honey.

After much cooking and some help from Ms. Deborah and Ms. Dorothy we presented to the judge our final products decorated with lettuce (the sliders) and with cocoa (pronounced coco) powder and powdered sugar.

We tied on team work, stations cleanness, and on the usage of the secret ingredient. But the girls got better taste and the boys got better presentation. When I asked who won overall, he said it was difficult to say because both teams had strong dishes, but I think it’s obvious my team won. Well that’s that ladies and gentlemen have a great day. Checkout Sur la Table cooking classes, and make sure to keep cooking, going out to restaurants and trying new food. Also, check my day one, day two, day three, and day four.



American Road Trip: Midwest

Hello ladies and gentlemen,

I hope you are having a great day. Today was my day three of cooking classes at Sur la Table. I am loving this more and more. Today I made sliders (fancy name for a small burgers)🍔 mash potatoes with bacon and cheese 🧀 and ice cream. It was so much fun.

I’m now going to study my recipes because the competition is on Friday and I’m getting nervous, so I have to practice and practice.

Enjoy the pictures and think about how cool it is to focus one day on East Coast, another day on the South, and another day on the Midwest. There are so many dishes in the US, you are not living life if you are not getting out there and trying these foods.

Talk to you guys tomorrow. Thank you for checking my blog.



American Road Trip: The South

Hello ladies and gentlemen,

I went back to Sur la Table for day two of my cooking classes. I made BBQ chicken with green beans. For dessert I work hard on a peach cobbler. The chicken was so good that I have sad news for you, I ate it so fast that I didn’t get to take pictures of it. But I will probably make it again and I will show you guys then.

Enjoy the pictures of the other stuff I made, check back to see how I do for the rest of the week, and click here to check my post on day one of my cooking classes, the East Coast.