Throwback Thursday: O Pescador in Sintra

While in Portugal, we took one day to go visit Sintra. We checked the Castelo da Penha, we checked the Cabo da Roca, and  we checked Praia Grande. At Praia Grande they had many restaurants, we decided to stop at the fisherman, in Portuguese, O Pescador.

Ladies and gentlemen, remember how I mentioned the tosta mista before? Well, in my opinion they have THE BEST tosta mista. This is a toasted ham and cheese sandwich with butter and at O Pescador they add an extra touch to it. They have seasoning they add that gives it a better taste. So you have to try it!

That’s that ladies and gentlemen. Next time in Portugal, make sure to visit Sintra and stop at Praia Grande to try the tosta mista at O Pescador.

The Kritic says:

  • 2.5 starts
  • The service took too long, so go with enough time to stay
  • Very laid back place with the ocean in the background
  • Prices were affordable
  • The food was delicious
  • No activities for kids, but many kids were running around and having fun




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