Throwback Thursday: O Carmo

I may be bias on this throwback, because this is one of my favorite places in Portugal. Doesn’t help that the owner is cool and married to one of my mom’s best friend. But if you go to Carmo in Carmo Square, you will see what I mean.

The restaurant has many rooms and you can chose where to stay. Outside you can see a bit of the São Jorge Castle and the Santa Justa Elevator. Those are typical Portuguese spots, so the food from O carmo is also typical, delicious, and unforgettable.

I went in between lunch and dinner time, so we tried a bit of things. Cakes and fries, and bacalhau a bras, guys you have to go there and try it. Hugo also has a restaurant I can’t wait to see, the Banho, I can’t wait to see the place and taste the food. So ladies and gentlemen, O Carmo gets 5 solid starts. That’s that! Book your tickets now and check Portugal and O Carmo restaurant.

The Kritic Says:

  • Five starts
    • The service is the best. I was really impressed.
    • The food tasted so good. Each thing had a special kick to it. Delicious, smooth, just unforgettable.
    • They did not have activities for the kids, but I felt very welcomed.
    • I don’t know the prices because Ms. Naisy invited us, but I would pay any price for that delicious food.



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