Throwback Thursday: O Panças

O Panças may not be the fanciest restaurant in Portugal.  It may not be in a very safe area. But for sure it is one of the places that makes my mouth water the most in this throwback series. The restaurant is located in Buraca, they say is not a very safe area, but I went with my mom’s best friend – Caló. He knows things around, so he took us there.

Guys everything was delicious. The place was small and it was packed, but the food was so good. I don’t know where to start, from the bacalhau a brás to the polvo grelhado, I am salivating as I’m writing this because it was delicious. They had chocolate mousse and camel’s drooling. Yes, camel’s drooling! That’s the name of a dessert made with condensed milk and eggs. They also had doce da casa, which was made with eggs, cookies and cream of milk. This place gets a solid 4. That’s that y’all, stay with your mouths watering also.

The Kritic Says:

  • 4 Starts
    • Great food and service
    • no activities for kids and the place is a bit small
    • Place was clean
    • Prices are good because they have a lot of food



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