Throwback Thursday: Nosolo Italia

Ladies and gentlemen, I’m back with another throwback to Portugal. This month will be dedicated to one of the places I truly love to go to. In one of the days we went to Baixa, that’s downtown Lisbon, after we checked the São Jorge Castle and checked the Tejo River, we decided to stop at Praça do Comércio and eat at Nosolo Italia.

I’m telling you about this place because it is a cool place to hang out while you wait for the boat, when you are tired, or when you just want to chill. Plus you can feed the birds, relax under the shade and enjoy your time watching people go by.

I ordered pizza. They didn’t have pepperoni, but ham was just fine. My mom tried the chicken salad. She enjoyed it, me not so much. I also didn’t enjoy too much the lemonade, I had to put sugar in it. But overall it was a good relaxing time. So, I gave Nosolo Italia 3 starts.

The Kritic Says:

  • 3 Starts
    • Good stop and ambiance
    • Food was good
    • Prices were higher than normal
    • No activities for kids, but the pigeons filled that spot



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