Sno-Ball Festival

Hello ladies and gentlemen, school starts this week, so you know I am happy as much as you are happy it’s Monday. So, let’s talk about fun things. SnowBall Festival last weekend. It was a blast!

So, I got to judge Lafayette’s first SnowBall Festival. I was going to be a tough judge because I don’t usually eat snoballs, and I’m not a fan of sweets. But when they brought those snowballs I was amazed. We had 8 snowballs from different places.

Our scorecard categories were taste, flavor, ice quality, creativity, and presentation. All the snoballs were good, but they had some that went way above what we expected, they had cheesecake inside, they came inside watermelons, they had gummy worms, it was really nice. But we had to wait long for each snoball. I didn’t like that part. It was very hot and we didn’t get to walk and talk much with people because we had to wait.

My favorite was Creole Flavor Sno, but all the judges voted and HomeGrown SnoBalls, from Youngsville won the the Judges Overall Sno-Ball Choice.  Spoonbill Watering Hole & Restaurant won the Judges Overall Shaved Ice Cocktail, don’t worry guys, I did not try any of those.

It was fun and I would like to thank Ms. Maureen Foster for being so nice, for having me as a judge, and for organizing this event. It was the first Sno-Ball Festival, and I think the next one will be even better. I know people were a bit frustrated, because they had a lot of lines.  The ticket line was huge, and the sno-balls lines were also very long. But the food was great, they had Taco Sister and C’est Bon Manger food truck. I tasted the burger and the bang bang shrimp from C’est Bon and indeed it was good. That burger and that shrimp was so well seasoned I kept wanting more sno-balls. Perfect combination.

They also had fun jumps and a lot of activities for kids. I give this festival 4 starts overall. That’s that ladies and gentlemen have a great day and keep tuning in for more blogs.

The Kritic says:

  • 4 Starts
    • Great spot. Downtown Lafayette, Parc Sans Souci with the fountain was awesome.
    • Music and a lot of activities for me and my sister. Fun jump, children’s museum, painting was also awesome idea.
    • Prices were okay but people had to wait too long to get tickets.
    • The sno-balls tasted great, but a lot of people didn’t get to taste it all because the lines were huge.
    • I know next year will be even better so mark your calendars for Sno-Ball Festival 2020


On Wednesday I will post a video to give you guys a better idea of how fun this was. So, stay on the look out and enjoy the rest of your week.


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