Mother’s Day

Hello ladies and gentlemen hope you are having a great weekend. Mother’s Day is tomorrow , and I thought of doing this. The top five places I’d bring my mom to go eat.

Number five: I think I would bring her to Blu Basil it’s a nice place, the food is good… for her.

Number four: I’d say Olde Tyme Grocery because that was her go to place on her freshman year in school. It was a good place and then in a few more years she became my mom, but the food she says is still good.

Number three I would bring her to La Madeleine for breakfast. I think this because the food there is wonderful. I’m serious, it’s a nice place to go to.

Number two goes to Portugal I know it’s not in Louisiana or America but still that was where majority her life has been.

Number one goes to Patacón. I say this because the food is wonderful my mom likes it too. Okay, I like it more than she likes, but you get the point.

But to be honest, it would be better if it it was out the country.  But since it can’t be out of the country, we will try some international cuisine in Lafayette. Why don’t you do the same? Try something new with your mom and show her love not just tomorrow but everyday.

That’s that ladies and gentlemen have a great Mother’s Day.  Let me know in the comments where you are planning to bring your mom to.


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