Where Europe Begins

Hello ladies and gents, since I miss Portugal, I figured I would start the year with a throwback to my Portugal vacations.

Portugal is my Mom’s home country. It is located on west Europe close to Spain. The capital is Lisbon or Lisboa. It’s a beautiful place, and a good place to eat. There’s a drink I adore, and wish would come to America more, it’s called sumol. There are different flavors such as, orange, ananás (pineapple), maçã (apple), maracujá (passion fruit). My favorite personally is maracujá. I also like that everywhere I went, they had natural juices.

The food tastes different, but it tastes good. I liked the fries, the chicken, and I gained mad love for seafood. But let me assure you that not all the place are were good. So I will stick with the good, Pastelaria Suiça in Rossia, o Carmo in Chiado, o Pastilhas in Fátima, Nosolo Italia in Praça do Comércio, and Casa dos Sabores all over Lisbon. These five places were amazing.

The desserts in Portugal are amazing. I don’t like desserts, but the desserts were amazing. Same thing with the seafood. The fish was outstanding, my first time eating fish with skin. Luckily I didn’t choke on a bone.

Last but not least Berlin not the capital of Germany, the doughnut like ball with sugar kept me wanting to go back to Portugal.

So for the next weeks we will be talking about these places and trying to convince you to go there and also eat at these places. That’s that ladies and gentlemen I give Portugal 10 out of 5. Hope you have a great week.


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