Children’s Carnival at Dat Dog

Hello ladies and gentlemen,

I know your kids are back to school, so summer vacation is over, but the fun doesn’t have to be over. On August 18, tomorrow,  the restaurant Dat Dog in downtown Lafayette, Louisiana is hosting a Children’s Carnival.

I’ve been to Dat Dog few times. Its located at 201 Jefferson St., and it’s always very clean and the food tastes good. I like the flags there, although they don’t have my mom or my dad’s country flag there. Also, sometimes one of the TVs is on animal planet. One day it was showing a cat surgery. I did not enjoy that.

I normally get an octoweenie and cheese-fries with cheddar cheese. Mom always gets dat chick and stays talking about the bread and the chicken for hours. She also gets crawfish etouffee fries sometimes. The hot dogs were good but it was pretty fat, but what to expect from a place with so many options of sausages and fries. I like it and my rating for Dat Dog is 3.5 so that’s that ladies and gentlemen have a great day and go out to the carnival.

Kritic Says:

  • 3.5 starts
    • The place has a cool decoration, is clean, and very big. Check the back part where they have concerts.
    • Service takes long. You must order at the bar and then wait a long time to get your food.
    • People are not too friendly to kids. There are not many activities, so I hope this carnival is good.
    • The food always tastes good
    • Prices are also good.

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