Hands down, Jasmin is the place in Sao Tome and Principe with the best lemonade. We went there with Mom’s best friend, Djamila, to enjoy a typical dinner, and we ended up drinking lemonade and eating appetizers. Their lemonade is mixed with freshly picked mint and it tastes fresh, not too sweet, but sweet enough for you to keep asking for more. Their tosta mista, a toasted sandwich with butter, cheese, and ham was also delicious. Mom and Djamila had búzio do mar, sea conch, seasoned with garlic, onions, lemon, freshly picked parsley, and malagueta, a chilli pepper typical from Sao Tome and Principe.

The Kritic says:

  • 4 starts:
    • Good food. Excellent lemonade.
    • Kids are welcome, have space to play and are not fussed at.
    • The place is very clean and has a good atmosphere and service, but also has mosquitoes.
    • The prices are good and affordable.

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