Back to Patacón

Ladies and gentlemen, I went back to Patacón, in matter a fact, I have been going to Patacón. It stays on 308 Betrand Drive, Lafayette, LA -70506 and I want to increase their ratings from three starts to four starts. The service was great, we did not wait long and the food was less greasy. But more important, the juice machine was working and it was refreshing to drink freshly squeezed sweet orange juice. They still didn’t have things for kids, and the guy there told mommy that since it’s fast food they don’t have things for kids, but I was thinking that even McDonalds that is faster has things for kids, they could also have something for kids. But the juice and my tequeños were so delicious that I forgot about activities to entertain my sister and enjoyed my food.

Because of the juice, new menu, food and service improvement, Patacón in my book is now four starts.


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