Oriolus Oriolus

Ladies and Gents,

Wondering what this scientific name means? (Mom made me look it up) It means oriole, or in Portuguese, Papa Figos, the colorful and beautiful bird that gives its name to the main spot right now in Sao Tome and Principe. Take out, sit in, BBQ, Pizza, you name it, Papa Figo has it and it is absolutely delicious. Real talk!

Their BBQ has a unique seasoning, it is juicy and comes with fries or plantain chips, my favorite in the whole island. We went to this spot at least three times and the food was always great. Try the curry, try the fish, try the chicken, everything is delicious.

The Kritic says:

  • 4 ½ starts
    • Food there is so good you won’t wanna leave. You will keep coming back.
    • Kids are welcome and can play around, although they don’t have any coloring pages.
    • The place is very clean and there are no mosquitoes.
    • The prices are good and the owner comes around and talks to people.

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