See It To Believe It!

Hello Ladies and Gents,

It’s been a while, I know! I’m truly sorry, but vacations have been awesome and I didn’t have much time to tell you about the places. So let’s get to it now. Pull your world maps because you are going to need it. Right on top of the equator line, the closest spot to the center of the world, ladies and gentlemen you will have to see it to believe it, there is one of the most beautiful places on earth – Sao Tome and Principe.

Sao Tome and Principe is made of two islands, so the food there is mostly fish, octopus, conch, squid, but of course they also have chicken and all the other stuff you find in the United States. However, things are more natural there, all naturally grown and it tastes extraordinary.

We ate mostly at home or at family members’ houses, but I had the chance to taste the food from Filomar, Papa Figo, Café César, Santo Amaro Complex, Café Park, Jasmin, and the incredible Claudio Corallo’s Chocolate Factory.

Click each link to know more about these places and get ready to be amazed. Sao Tome is a place where you will be very welcomed and you will never forget it. Xauê!!!!! (That means bye).


9 thoughts on “See It To Believe It!

  1. Natasha d'Alva says:

    Congratulations Kelon, like your blog😍. I will send to friends when they ask my opinion about the places to visit in São Tomé. Once again good job👏👏👏👏😘😘😘


  2. Lariça Neto says:

    Hei , jeg heter Lariça og jeg likte posten din veldig godt ! Jeg er selv fra Sao Tomé, og nå som jeg leste denne posten så fikk jeg enda mer lyst til å reise dit igjen !
    Veldig bra skrevet 👌🏾😁


  3. Jéssica Bragança says:

    Coucou Kelon, bon boulot, bravo! Tu as magnifiquement bien décrit notre “petit paradis”. Bon courage et peut être à bientôt pour des nouvelles aventures.😉🤗


  4. Laura-Pascale says:

    Salut Kelon, c’est ma tatie Lise qui m’a parlé de ton blog. C’est super! Moi aussi j’adore aller en vacances à São Tomé. Que des bons plats et des superbes plages! Biz


  5. José Carvalho Rio says:

    Hello Kelon
    I’m José Carvalho. Well done. Nice job.
    It´s a god description about the two paradisiac islands lying on the equator. A place where one can have a foot on the north hemisphere and the other foot on the south hemisphere at same time. Friendly people, top nature and environment, good food and you name it…Simply unique. Congratulations.


    • Thank you José Carvalho, mom told me grandma Gaby told you about my blog. I can’t wait to go back to São Tomé and see the turtles and chill with grandma Gaby and my grandpa Nando. Thank you for your comment. Really appreciate it.


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