Portuguese Flavor Round One

Ladies and Gents,

I hope Mom doesn’t get upset, but I have to tell you something. To truly taste the culinary of a country, you MUST visit that country. Mom can cook Portuguese food, but it’s nothing close to the real thing.

Portugal is right by Spain in Europe. It’s really beautiful. It has castles, tramcars, buses that go under water, and many places that sell freshly squeezed orange juice, great desserts, and have delicious seafood.

I went to six places, Pastelaria Suiça, in Rossio, Lisbon; I went to O Pastilhas, in Fátima; Nosolo Italia, in Praça do Comércio, Lisbon;  A Casa dos Sabores, in Portela, Lisbon; o Panças in Buraca, Lisbon; and my favorite, O Carmo, in Baixa, Lisbon. Click each link to know more about what I ate and how many starts I gave each place.

Don’t forget that you must come visit the country to truly make your own opinion, the places, people, music, drinks, all goes into making you love or not love a dish.


One thought on “Portuguese Flavor Round One

  1. Eneida says:

    I could not agree more with you Kelon. You can only really understand a country if you visit and try its food. Although I have to say I will take not of these places you have been for next time I go to Portugal.


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