Let’s Zorba

Hello ladies and gents, it’s been long since I’ve done a blog post. Mommy has been busy and I can’t post without her permission. I went to few more places and got invited to judge an event. But let’s start with my trip to Zorbas on 1812 W. Pinhook Rd, Lafayette, La 70508.

I like this place and I can tell you that my rating is four and a half starts. I met the owner who was very nice and I could see the chef cook my food. The burger was handmade, the size was huge, and they had healthy options. I ate hummus, a classic cheeseburger and cheese sticks. It tasted great. I just wished they had coloring sheets for my sister, so she wouldn’t bug me when I’m checking the place out. That’s that ladies and gentleman, stay on the look out for my other post this week.

The Kritic Says:

  • 4 Starts ½
    • The food tasted and looked great
    • The food was fresh and cooked in front of you
    • The prices were good
    • The place was nice and clean

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