A Little of Venezuela

Hello Guys!

Today’s post is very little, just like the restaurant I went to. But size doesn’t matter because the flavors were great. Patacón serves food from Venezuela and stays at 308 Bertrand Dr., Lafayette, LA -70506. I went there because I wanted to try the tequeños and the cheese empanada. Mom went because she wanted arepas and flan. It all tasted great, but here is a fact: most of the food is fried and they don’t even have coloring sheets for kids. But the lady at the register was nice and I give the place 3 starts, and that’s that.

The Kritic Says:

  • 3 starts
    • The food looks and tastes good, but its a bit greasy.
    • The prices are okay but we had to wait long for our food.
    • The place is small and they don’t have anything for kids, so take your food to go.
    • The place was nice and clean.

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