Throwback Thursday: O Pescador in Sintra

While in Portugal, we took one day to go visit Sintra. We checked the Castelo da Penha, we checked the Cabo da Roca, and  we checked Praia Grande. At Praia Grande they had many restaurants, we decided to stop at the fisherman, in Portuguese, O Pescador.

Ladies and gentlemen, remember how I mentioned the tosta mista before? Well, in my opinion they have THE BEST tosta mista. This is a toasted ham and cheese sandwich with butter and at O Pescador they add an extra touch to it. They have seasoning they add that gives it a better taste. So you have to try it!

That’s that ladies and gentlemen. Next time in Portugal, make sure to visit Sintra and stop at Praia Grande to try the tosta mista at O Pescador.

The Kritic says:

  • 2.5 starts
  • The service took too long, so go with enough time to stay
  • Very laid back place with the ocean in the background
  • Prices were affordable
  • The food was delicious
  • No activities for kids, but many kids were running around and having fun




Throwback Thursday: O Carmo

I may be bias on this throwback, because this is one of my favorite places in Portugal. Doesn’t help that the owner is cool and married to one of my mom’s best friend. But if you go to Carmo in Carmo Square, you will see what I mean.

The restaurant has many rooms and you can chose where to stay. Outside you can see a bit of the São Jorge Castle and the Santa Justa Elevator. Those are typical Portuguese spots, so the food from O carmo is also typical, delicious, and unforgettable.

I went in between lunch and dinner time, so we tried a bit of things. Cakes and fries, and bacalhau a bras, guys you have to go there and try it. Hugo also has a restaurant I can’t wait to see, the Banho, I can’t wait to see the place and taste the food. So ladies and gentlemen, O Carmo gets 5 solid starts. That’s that! Book your tickets now and check Portugal and O Carmo restaurant.

The Kritic Says:

  • Five starts
    • The service is the best. I was really impressed.
    • The food tasted so good. Each thing had a special kick to it. Delicious, smooth, just unforgettable.
    • They did not have activities for the kids, but I felt very welcomed.
    • I don’t know the prices because Ms. Naisy invited us, but I would pay any price for that delicious food.



Throwback Thursday: O Panças

O Panças may not be the fanciest restaurant in Portugal.  It may not be in a very safe area. But for sure it is one of the places that makes my mouth water the most in this throwback series. The restaurant is located in Buraca, they say is not a very safe area, but I went with my mom’s best friend – Caló. He knows things around, so he took us there.

Guys everything was delicious. The place was small and it was packed, but the food was so good. I don’t know where to start, from the bacalhau a brás to the polvo grelhado, I am salivating as I’m writing this because it was delicious. They had chocolate mousse and camel’s drooling. Yes, camel’s drooling! That’s the name of a dessert made with condensed milk and eggs. They also had doce da casa, which was made with eggs, cookies and cream of milk. This place gets a solid 4. That’s that y’all, stay with your mouths watering also.

The Kritic Says:

  • 4 Starts
    • Great food and service
    • no activities for kids and the place is a bit small
    • Place was clean
    • Prices are good because they have a lot of food



Throwback Thursday: Casa dos Sabores

It’s time for our throwback Thursday. This time let’s throw it back to the time I was in Portugal and went to Casa dos Sabores in the Mall of Portela. My mom has a good high school friend that owns a store in the Mall of Portela, so we went there to check it out. We ended up eating at the Casa dos Sabores.

Of course I had my natural juice of orange. Portugal got me addicted to that. I love that everywhere we went we could have natural, freshly squeezed orange juice. I also tried the famous prego. Prego means nail in Portuguese. But don’t worry, there are no nails in this delicious sandwich. It’s just a beef sandwich that comes with fried egg, fries, and salad. I added cheese to mine. My mom had the plate version, and my sister had a normal ham and cheese sandwich. This was quick and it hit the spot. De-li-cious!

The Kritic Says:

  • 3.5 starts
    • The food was fast, but it still had a homemade meal feel to it
    • Place was very clean
    • No activities for kids
    • Prices were affordable

Throwback Thursday: Pastelaria Suiça

Ladies and gentlemen, let’s continue our throwback Thursday series in Portugal. I want to take you to theeeeee spot in Lisbon, Portugal – Pastelaria Suiça. You can’t say you have been to Lisbon if you haven’t been to Rossio. If in Rossio, you must try the Pastelaria Suiça.

This is the place where people stop for a quick snack, ice cream, or lunch. We stopped for a quick snack, and this was the place where I tried the famous tosta mista. Tosta mista is just a ham and cheese sandwich, but it is toasted, and it also has butter. This was my favorite thing in Portugal.

It was so delicious! I had the tosta mista, my sister and mom had the pão de deus with ham. Pão de deus, or God’s bread, is sweet bread, like Hawaiian bread, but with coconut crust on top. Almost like a coconut macaroon on top of it. We had Compal juice. That’s like a concentrated peach or pear, or mango juice. It was so good! So, Pastelaria Suiça gets 3.5 starts.

The Kritic Says:

  • 3.5 Starts
    • Service was slow. We had to wait long for our food
    • Food was delicious
    • Prices were affordable
    • No activities for kids
    • The place looked cleaned

Throwback Thursday: Nosolo Italia

Ladies and gentlemen, I’m back with another throwback to Portugal. This month will be dedicated to one of the places I truly love to go to. In one of the days we went to Baixa, that’s downtown Lisbon, after we checked the São Jorge Castle and checked the Tejo River, we decided to stop at Praça do Comércio and eat at Nosolo Italia.

I’m telling you about this place because it is a cool place to hang out while you wait for the boat, when you are tired, or when you just want to chill. Plus you can feed the birds, relax under the shade and enjoy your time watching people go by.

I ordered pizza. They didn’t have pepperoni, but ham was just fine. My mom tried the chicken salad. She enjoyed it, me not so much. I also didn’t enjoy too much the lemonade, I had to put sugar in it. But overall it was a good relaxing time. So, I gave Nosolo Italia 3 starts.

The Kritic Says:

  • 3 Starts
    • Good stop and ambiance
    • Food was good
    • Prices were higher than normal
    • No activities for kids, but the pigeons filled that spot



Throwback Thursday: O Pastilhas

Ladies and gentlemen, for the month of January I will take you back to Portugal. Those were the days! One of the first places I visited in Portugal was Fátima. Fátima is a holy place where Catholics believe Our Lady of Fatima appeared. My mom goes there every time we go to Portugal.

On our way there we stopped at the Restaurant O Pastilhas. The restaurant stays in Batalha, Portugal. They are not open all the time and normally you must make reservations. They have live music and the food tastes good. It gives you an idea of typical Portuguese cuisine.

I tried so many things, just to give me an idea. First the soup, caldo verde. This is so good, warms your soul. I also tried guisado. This is like stew. I also had a bit of the fried fish, chicken, and then dessert. They had pudim, like flan, they had fruit salad, and they had ice creamed. The ice cream was the best!

That’s that, I give O Pastilhas 4 starts and I wish you all a happy new year!

The Kritic Says:

  • 4 Starts
    • Place was very clean
    • Service was very fast
    • I don’t know the prices because my grandma Mira and grandpa Ivo paid for everything.
    • The food tasted good
    • Kids could play outside.



Last Review of the Year: Scratch

Hello ladies and gentlemen hope you are having a great day. As I am writing this there are less than four hours till the new year. For my last review I have chosen Scratch Farm Kitchen. Why? Because this is one of the best restaurants in Lafayette. Plus it is something we need for the new year – eat healthier. Scratch is located at 406 Garfield St, Lafayette, LA 70501 and you should check it out.

When we arrived it was a very cozy place and really clean. Everything is farmed by them or locally purchase, and prices are okay. Really, not too expensive. I ordered grapefruit juice and a scratch burger with bacon. The grapefruit juice was sour but if you put some sugar it tastes like you swallowed sugar cane and a lemon at the same time… I know you haven’t done that before.

The burger was juicy the bacon was crispy but not too crispy it was wonderful. I rate the place 4 stars. It’s a new year, new me, no more starts. I give it a 4 only because the other drinks were really sour, but they make vegetables delicious. So, that’s that ladies and gentlemen happy new year.

P.S the other dink’s were orange juice and lavender lemonade.

The Kritic Says:

  • 4 Stars
    • The place has a very cozy atmosphere.
    • They don’t have activities for kids.
    • The food is great. Organic. Grown locally.
    • Prices are okay.
    • Service was also okay.